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The same happy days every day

In order to contribute true happiness, you must continually seek out meaningful opportunities that allow you to learn new things and take on more responsibility. ——
Clayton. Christensen, “How Can You Simplify Your Life”

Happiness is actually a choice. Many people think that when they gain wealth, they will live happily; but when they gain success, they find that they are still unhappy. Many people do not have a lot of wealth, but they live happily every day. Living in the present is a good way to help yourself be happy.

Happiness is a choice, 6 tips to make yourself happy every day!

1. smile

Mayumi Arikawa of “Practice a Calm Mind” pointed out: “Life is short, and it is better to live a bright and happy mood with a miserable face. Please be like a child, who smiles immediately after crying and has fresh feelings. Sir.”

Research shows that smiling can make us happier, but in fact we are not happy. However, by smiling, even if our body can respond automatically, it can drive away the unhappy emotions.

2. Live in the moment

When you live in the present, you forget about the existence of time; when you show concentration, you enjoy the present moment. Spencer, the author of “The Gift”. Dr. Johnson points out: “When you are fully focused on what you are doing and not thinking about it, you will enjoy life. Then you will be happier and more energetic. You only focus on what is happening above, and that Focus and concentration will help you achieve success.”

To make yourself happy every day, start by living in the “moment”. Only when you can live in the moment can you be happy. Whenever we are invested in something, it is always easy for us to forget to live there; everyone should learn to stop anxiety and then focus on the present life. The only thing that is certain in life is this moment.

3. Don’t talk too much about other people’s ideas

When you overthink what others think, you underestimate what’s really important inside you. Putting other people’s thoughts on yourself often doesn’t work because other people’s things usually don’t truly understand you, even your best friends. .

Even the opinions given by our closest relatives are usually just what they expect from you. Usually only we really know what we want, and when we care too much about what others think, we can easily feel unhappy and forget about life. The most important thing is yourself.

4. Take care of yourself

No matter which stage of life we ​​are satisfied with, we must make ourselves better, learn to take care of ourselves, and then become a person who can live independently. “How do you simplify your life?” “In our lives and working lives, whether you perceive it or not, we always follow a prudent strategy to move forward, and we must meet the inevitable choices .” Life is full of all kinds of accidents and unexpected events, and we must learn to take care of ourselves amidst all kinds of unexpected changes.

5. Love yourself more

Everyone needs to learn to love themselves more. We often hope that others can love us. We sigh and love ourselves first; if we don’t love ourselves enough, others will not love us more. “Love: Even if the World Keeps Disappointing You”, the author of “Continue to Believe in Love” Peter Su pointed out: “Please love yourself well no matter what, don’t let it happen that when you meet a better person in the future, you have already used up your best.” of myself.”

Only when a person can love himself well will his eyes be full of confidence, and his genes will become happier; when you can love yourself well, others will like you more.

6. Set goals

“The Marketing Plan of Life: Do what you love, estimate profits, and create meaning in life.” “It’s not enough to have a goal in life. You know you must have the courage to act in order to achieve your goal. It’s not enough to have a mission in life. You need to be actively involved, start, and go.”

If there is no goal in life, it is like a blood vessel without a steering wheel. You don’t know which direction to drive in. One of the secrets of happiness is to set a goal for yourself in life; at the same time, after setting a goal, you can We must act proactively and strive to achieve our goals one by one.

Dreams are the beacon that guides the path of our lives, and setting goals can help us gradually turn our dreams into reality.

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