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Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thank you for the struggle, which allows me to make continuous progress; thank you for the difficulties, which allow me to grow firmly; thank you for the frustrations, which allow me to find the hope of assistance; thank you for the failure, which allows me to find the footsteps of success; thank you for the success, which allows me to understand the true meaning of happiness.

Thank you spring for letting me see the graceful willow branches; thank you summer for letting me hear the chirping of cicadas; thank you autumn for letting me enjoy the joy of harvest; thank you winter for letting me appreciate the beauty of snowflakes; thank you for letting me feel friends. of warmth.

If a drop of water represents a piece of happiness, I will give you the entire ocean; if a flower represents a piece of good luck, I will give you the entire spring; if a cloud represents a piece of laughter, I will give you the entire sky; if a tree represents a piece of Good luck, I wish you the whole spring. If everything goes well, I will send you the whole forest; if a message represents a blessing, I will give you the best blessing in the world: I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, and I wish you a good mood every day!

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